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My name is Kriti Khanna, I am a Founding Faculty, Assistant professor in Economics at Plaksha University, Mohali. My research interests are in the fields of Macroeconomics, Development, and Entrepreneurship.

In my recent paper, I evaluate the role of credit contract enforcement in creating the income per capita disparities across Indian States. I employ a dynamic heterogeneous-agents general-equilibrium framework with formal and informal firms for my analysis. In a discrete choice empirical exercise to motivate the model mechanisms, I study the causal implications of credit contract enforcement on the occupational choices of the working population in India.

I was a recipient of the ‘Dr. Walter J. Primeaux Jr. and Natalie A. Primeaux Scholarship’ awarded to the most promising researcher completing his/her 4th year of Ph.D at the University of Houston.

I am currently the Program Coordinator of the Data Science, Economics, and Business Program at Plaksha University.

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Plaksha University
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Phone: +91- 8800360655

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